E-Bike Safety Blitz

Toronto Police have launched a month-long safety blitz on e-bike riders. The safety blitz will run through to the end of August.

E-bikes are not allowed on bike paths like the Martin Goodman Trail or the Lower Don Trail and riders could face a fine of $395.

E-bikes are, however, allowed to use bike lanes on city streets, but only if they are using muscular power. If e-bike riders are using their motors in bike lanes, they can face a fine of $80.

E-bikers, like bicyclists, have to obey all Highway Traffic Act laws like coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, or at a red light, and must have lights on the e-bike for use at night and a working horn and indicators.


Five other important things e-bike riders should be aware of if they don’t want to get ticketed:

  • Bicycle or motorcycle helmets are mandatory for anyone on an e-bike (including passengers. And you can only have a passenger if the e-bike is manufactured for two riders).
  • The pedals cannot be removed from an e-bike — to do so will make it an illegal vehicle.
  • An e-bike operator cannot be impaired when operating the e-bike or he or she can be charged under the Criminal Code.
  • You must be at least 16 to operate an e-bike or be a passenger.
  • You cannot modify the motor to go faster than the top allowable speed of 32 km/h.

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